Sunday, October 14, 2012

Weekend Project

Blaine realized that the majority of my family have some sort of picture I've painted or drawn and was mad that we don't have anything. SO.. we got some canvas and paint and I spent the majority of my weekend painting a couple of things for our bedroom.

Stage one

Stage 2

I did two separate canvas but wanted them to be one full picture


After we hung them

It was nice to sit and paint. It is always peaceful, but I think I'm going to wait a while until I do the big one for our living room.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Whitney's Baby Bump

I love taking pictures. I'm no professional, but it's fun to do every once in a while or for something special.

A while back, I took a few pictures of Whitney when she was pregnant with her first baby Krew when I was in Roanoke. They turned out great and she asked that I take some of her pregnant with her first baby Girl! I thought I would share. Whitney can never take a bad picture, and I just thought she looked gorgeous in them. Take a look.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Foo Fighters. Walk.

Blaine and I are currently obsessed with the Foo Fighters. We love their new album "Wasting Light" Here is their video for "Walk"

Summer Fun!

Happy Summer Everyone! Finally an update! We are having a great summer here in Idaho! Below are pictures from our July 4th festivities, flag football, farmers market, and bridal shower.

Blaine just finished his first semester of school since his mission and he loved it! He finished the semester with 3 A's and 2B's. It has only been two days since his last day of school and he told me on Saturday that he misses his books and today mentioned that he wishes he had homework. Blaine Loves school! He is excited to start school again in the Fall.

July 4th was so much fun! We went to the lake and had a fun afternoon. We later went to Idaho Falls and grilled up some hamburgers and watched fireworks.

My best friend Megan is Getting MARRIED! I threw her a bridal shower and it was so much fun. She gets married in the Washington DC temple on the 29th of July! I'm so excited for her.

We are excited for the rest of the summer and we can't wait for our Florida trip we are taking next week. We are excited to have a break from Idaho for a little bit. We have lots of big events coming up including moving! We will keep yall updated! LOVE YOU ALL!

Rigby Lake
Silly Boys!
Blaine being silly

Blaine found me a sea shell!
Flag Football Game
Farmer's Market in Rexburg

Helote! (Corn on the Cob with cheese and random stuff. Blaine use to eat it on the streets in California.)
Megan's Bridal Shower at the apartment

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt-Blaine's First Day of School


I don't know why Blaine has a football in his basket.. that was not included in the hunt.

It was freezing.

I hid an egg in that pipe and the guys ran and slid... into each other... It looks a little gay but it was so funny!

What a Crazy couple of weeks! Mom came for a week for graduation and we totally loved it! Of course, anytime mom goes to any of her children's houses there is always a "home project." Mom is the best at this! Mom helped us paint our new kitchen table. She did NOT enjoy how cold it was and that the wind blows constantly. It did snow while she was here and she told me that she would never go to school in Idaho and that she would drop out within the first week. So...Now she knows why I use to call and complain so much about the weather. We miss her so much. During the week, we also took mom to In-n-Out Burger. Mom liked it.. but did not like her fries "animal style."

Also this week- Blaine started his first day back to school. He has been so excited about school. That's all he talks about. He reviewed his schedule multiple times a day and couldn't sleep the night before school started because of his anxiousness. Haha. We got all of his school supplies and I even bought him a new shirt to wear on his first day. These are pictures from his first day. I was acting like one of those crazy moms on their kids first day.

*I want to mention that when he got home from school, he took a nap and then got up and did practically all his homework for the rest of the week. I asked him why it was taking him so long just to do one night's assignment and he explained to me that he was going to get ahead and do all of it.... WHO IS THIS KID? He sounds like Megan Davis. Cuz he sure doesn't sound like me. I usually do my homework the morning its due or in the wee hours of the night. I stayed up for 48 hours writing my senior paper instead of working on it all semester like I was suppose to. He is so dedicated to doing well.. let's hope he keeps up the hipe and continues to stay on top of his homework.

- As for me, I am on the job hunt. I have a couple of interviews coming up-A business sales representative position and a legal position at a marketing firm- (both in Rexburg) hopefully something works out. :)

Lastly, It's Easter TIME! Some of our friends decided to get together and put on an Easter Egg Hunt and also an Easter Sunday Dinner. We are all so excited. Here are also some pictures from the Easter Egg hunt with Kenzie&Austin and Amber&Brant. It got a little competitive.

First Day of School!

He was getting so annoyed because I took a billion pictures.

walking to the car.

I was dropping him off at the Ricks and I pulled out my camera before he got out of the car and he looked at me and said.. "This is so embarrassing...." I said HUSH! and I still got my intended picture.

Saturday, April 9, 2011


I'm Finally a Brigham Young University-Idaho Graduate!!!! It's been a while since I last updated our blog but we have been very busy moving in to our new apartment and of course getting through my last semester of college. It has been CrAzY! But Blaine has been such a great support and always pushing me to do my best. I needed that push at the end to get things done. We are currently loving our new apartment and it's been fun hanging out with our married couple friends. Blaine is starting school here at BYUI for the Spring Semester- I graduate in April and he starts in April. Blaine is so excited and has been looking at his schedule everyday and gets very giddy and excited for his upcoming school year. He is majoring in Chemistry and minoring in Spanish. Blaine has wanted to do pharmacy for a while now. I know that we have been bums at updating our blog but we will try to be better. (we meaning me. Blaine doesn't touch this blog with a 10 foot pole) This is right after I received my Diploma (cover) at the Convocation. Blaine got right up in the stage.
Mom was able to fly in for graduation! I was so happy. A week with my momma!!!!!! ;)
Aren't we adorable?
Blaine and I- After graduation. We went and had lunch and they also were giving away free ice cream to all graduates at our new favorite ice cream place.
Striking a pose. I'm gorgeous... Duh.
Austin, Kenzie, Me, and Blainey ( Kenzie is one of my best friends and got up at 7am just to come to my graduation)
Blaine and I at the stage after the Commencement. Elder Snow, In the Presidency of the Seventy, spoke as our commencement speaker)
This Winter 2011 Graduation class was the largest graduation class in all of Ricks/BYUI history!
I sure miss the rest of my family and especially Daddy, but I'm glad mom could travel to the frozen tundra to see her baby graduate.
Class of 2011! Outside the New BYUI Center. Its like a mini conference center.
Did I mention that I graduated in 3 1/2 years!!!!??? :) Just wanted to rub that in.
Thanks Everyone who called to wish me a Happy Graduation Day! It was a day to remember and Mom and Blaine surely made it special. Wish you all could have been here... Till next time...

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Oops... Did I tell You I'm Married?

AK and HAY

The Crab did not like me and Panda was running for her life.

We plan on having kids in about 10 years :)

Reams Allie, Abbie (baby), and Jackson

Blaine with the Girls

Daddy with Hay

Austin and Blaine

Josh and Blaine

The Jefferson Monument

Tyson's Corner






Davis Family

Boys-Josh, Austin, Mick, Blaine, Kyle, Adam, Nate


The Whole family

Mom and Dad


Reams Family

Mens Warehouse Model (name unknown)

Hi Everyone! I know I haven't updated in a while, but oh well. I am officially a member of the REAMS family. Blaine and I were sealed in the Washington DC Temple on December the 11th 2010. My blog is a little messy, but we are trying to get some pictures up here for everyone to see. Also, we are celebrating Christmas this year in Yorktown and are currently enjoying over a foot of snow. Yippy! I feel like we are back in Idaho already. We are heading to Rexburg on the 31st and Blaine is excited to see the frozen tundra that I continue to complain about. Anyway, I hope to update soon and also put up pictures from our first Christmas together. :)